Track visited web sites, see browser history, monitor Internet usage

Track Visited Web Sites. Internet Monitoring.

StaffCop allows you to create logs and reports of all Web sites and individual Web pages visited by the computer user. Advanced logging mechanisms detect Web pages visited with any Web browser of any version including commonly used such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera. StaffCop effectively records URL addresses and page titles of every visited resource.

Real-Time Access and Comprehensive Statistics

StaffCop provides you with the ability to view the list of open Web resources in real-time or generate comprehensive reports about all sites and pages visited by the users within a specified period of time (click to see a sample report).

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Why Track Web Sites and Online Activities?

Tracking employees’ online activities is necessary if Internet access priviliges is a part of their workflow. Web site tracking allows you to effectively analyze how much time your employees spend performing business tasks, and how much time is used on reading news and browsing entertainment Web sites.

Control Viruses and Spyware

Having the ability to record visited web sites helps to improve employees' productivity as well as detect and resolve important security issues. Viruses and spyware often open certain Web pages in the background. And these activities are difficult to detect. StaffCop allows you to record suspicious online activities, alert you about them, then detect and prevent the intrusion quickly.

Tracking URLs

Stop deleting browser historyComputer user can delete browser history to eliminate a list of visited web sites. StaffCop software has a sophisticated mechanism that allows you to recreate a history based on visited URLs and accurately generate a required report.

StaffCop web monitoring features include the following:

  • Capture of URL addresses, page titles, time of access.
  • Monitor sites visited using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera and other types of browsers.
  • Generate detailed reports about visited web sites.

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