Labor optimization – the best tactics to conquer the crisis

What do employees do at work?

According to research by employers group the CBI, 90% of office workers use Internet access provided by their company for personal purposes.

80% of employees search for information irrelevant to their job and visit sites that have absolutely nothing to do with their duties.

60% of employees in companies prefer enjoy their working time chatting over ICQ and other instant messengers. Of course, about things that have absolutely nothing to do with their work.

Researchers from the American company called Police Institute state that more than half of all companies in the US control the computer activities of their employees in one way or another in order to optimize the use of human and time resources.

Anyway, using working time for personal needs is not the worst thing an office worker can do. Commercial and manufacturing secrets serve as a basis for financial prosperity in many organizations. However, as a rule, they do not take inside threats into account when they organize information security. Inside threats mean your employees' actions that may result in important information leaks. And therefore, in extremely negative consequences for the company.

Crisis is a touchstone for most employees in many aspects. People are confused, they are not sure about their future and feel financial instability. Under these circumstances, employees may try to start searching for an alternate airfield. It means they may try to contact your competitors. So should you keep guessing whether someone among your employees will do it if you can know it for sure and prevent troubles in time?

So what is StaffCop?

It is a program that allows you to find out what the user does with the computer and prevent possible leaks of corporate data. With StaffCop, you can find out:

  • when and what applications you employees ran on their computers
  • with whom, about what and how long they chatted over ICQ and MSN Messenger
  • what websites your employees visited
  • when and what USB devices they connected to corporate computers
  • the activity periods of users as a whole and for any application in particular.

You can monitor computers both in the visible mode (when your employees know that they being monitored) and in the hidden mode (when they do not know about it).

How will you benefit from it?

You will know:

  • how many hours your employees spend on work and how many hours they spend on their personal business
  • what websites, programs and applications come first in the list of the most persistent office time killers
  • the expectations, fears and plans of your employees in the near future during the crisis
  • what information threats currently exist in your company.

Having this kind of knowledge, you will easily analyze the situation and take the corresponding measures. By telling your employees that their activities are under control, you will considerably increase the level of discipline and order in the company. You will know access to what websites to restrict and what requirements to introduce in order to increase the performance. You can detect employees who are not loyal or who do not do their job well and save the money spent on paying those who are not good at their work. It will be considerably easier to distribute duties among employees so that you can achieve the optimal workload allowing you to solve the problems at hand in the most effective way, which becomes the most important thing during the crisis. Finally, you will be able to protect yourself against inside information threats, prevent an information leak in time instead of dealing with its consequences.

How StaffCop works

Let's talk specifically about how our invention works.

The program consists of the administrative module and the tracking agent. The first module allows you to control the software: remotely install the tracking agent on user computers, specify the mode it should run in, view reports, and also perform all other functions necessary for getting the adequate picture of what a user does with the computer.

With StaffCop, you will be able to choose the way to control your employees that you find most comfortable. In particular, it is possible to monitor what users do in real time. In this case, the monitor of the computer where the administrative module is installed displays the actual picture from the device the tracking agent is installed on.

The report wizard allows you to store this kind of information about every action of a user in the most comfortable and visual way – keeping the time, program names and websites on the specified computer.

It is even possible to save any text the employee typed on the keyboard keeping the time when he started and ended typing it, the name of the application where he typed

As you can see, we did everything for the program to be not only useful but also as comfortable to use as possible.

Now it is time to start using StaffCop. The optimization of your staff's labor is actually the most inexpensive, reasonable and reliable way to overcome the crisis.

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