About StaffCop, time tracking and corporate / end point security software

Who Should Use StaffCop

StaffCop is a corporate and personal data security solution providing effective technology features that allow you to keep sensitive data safe, track time and monitor PC activities on the network. StaffCop can be used on a corporate network of any size as well as on a single individual PC.

You will benefit using StaffCop if you are one of the following:

Computer monitoring, end-point corporate security

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StaffCop for Corporate Executives

StaffCop allows corporate executives to monitor computers on the network in real-time, generate comprehensive reports about employee activities and analyze individual performance and efficiency.

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StaffCop for Network Security Managers

StaffCop discovers and prevents information loss or security bridges through various online channels such as MSN / AIM chats and file transfers to removable storage or media devices. Advanced reporting features allow you to view and record visited URLs and locations, launched applications on PCs in the network. Periodic screenshots of computer activities are a convenient way to see the real activities on computers.

StaffCop for HR Officers

StaffCop helps Human Resources department evaluate the work efficiency of the whole company, departments and particular employees if necessary. For example, it can be used to understand the human resources needs in the company and hire new employees in time to meet all projects deadlines.

StaffCop for System Administrators

If your Internet channels are overloaded, employees experience network and PC performance issues that may affect data transfer or even data loss. StaffCop helps you to determine the trouble sources by analyzing of all the activities of the company computers.

StaffCop has an effective mechanism of detecting computer worms and viruses that often are not recognized by anti-virus software. In case if malware files are executed, StaffCop will detect harmful buy phentermine online activity and generate system reports for IT staff to review and take appropriate actions.

StaffCop for Home Use

Parent control with StaffCop

StaffCop can be effectively used on home PCs. Easy installation and configuration makes it convenient to use on individual computers. StaffCop helps you to control children's activities preventing them from visiting unwanted web sites and launching suspicious applications.

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