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StaffCop Standard is a licensed software. Each license is applied per each workstation, where the monitoring agent is installed. You will automatically receive free upgrade within the version. Please refer to per license pricing table below:

StaffCop Standard box. Corporate security and employee monitoring software
Number of computersPrice per computer
1 computer
from 2 to 20
from 21 to 50
from 51 to 100
from 101 to 300
from 301 to 500
more than 500

Number of computers:    (total cost: $0)

Specify required quantity of StaffCop Standard licenses in Number of computers field. Their total cost will be calculated automatically. Once you are ready to make an order, please click Order now. Fill out Billing Information and select Payment Options on the next screen. To make a purchase click Continue.

As soon as the payment is processed, you will receive the product license key by email within the same business day. If you require an invoice, please contact us.

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StaffCop Home box. Parental control and user monitoring software
Number of licensesPrice per license
1 computer

Number of licenses:    (total cost: $0)

License Key

Receive your StaffCop license key together with installation and activation instructions at email address you specify while ordering the software.

Once your order is processed, you will receive an e-mail message with installation and activation instructions. If you have not received the registration information from us within 1 days, please contact us.

Upgrade policy

For a period of one year, starting from the day you registered the product, you get all new versions of StaffCop for free. After this period, the existing version will continue to operate, but new versions will be installed for additional cost.

The updates are optional. If existing version of StaffCop suits your requirements, you are welcome to use it as long as you like. However, new versions usually have more competitive features and monitoring options. A list of changes in new versions is available here.

The cost of a license update is 60% of the product price. Please contact us to extend the license.

Working with Non-Profit and Educational Organizations

We offer special discounts for educational and non-profit organizations.. Please confirm that your organization has tax exempt status and we will provide you with a special quote.

Additional licensing information: