StaffCop Enterprise3.1

Software for Insider Threat Detection, Employee Monitoring and Remote Administration

StaffCop Enterprise is a bundled solution that makes your business safe and secure

WORK TIME tracking

EMPLOYEE EFFICIENCY evaluation and control

DATA LEAK prevention




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Control over maximum number of channels

Automatic WORK TIME tracking

StaffCop Enterprise logs the beginning and the end of each employee’s workday, including lunch and coffee breaks, etc. It enables executives and employees, themselves, to improve discipline at the workplace and reduce idle periods.

Work time monitoring enables you to prevent data leaks of sensitive information, visits to unproductive websites, and other unwanted events activity. It shows the user a clear and complete picture of each employee’s activities.

автоматический учет рабочего времени
  • Employee lateness or early departure reports
  • Work timesheets
  • Daily PDF email reports
  • Data collation by groups or employees
  • Time or event based report creation
  • Productive, active, delays and lateness employee ratings

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evaluation and control

StaffCop Enterprise contains an option to monitor employee activities at a workstation. Using this option, you can log data about applications launched on each employee's workstation and the total time an employee works with each of them.

You can categorize web sites and applications that an employee uses as productive or unproductive.

You can monitor employee statistics online via admin panel or receive daily reports about the previous day's activities of specific employees or whole departments by specifying report delivery time. Reports are generated in PDF format.

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Quick and precise!

StaffCop is a wayback machine! At any moment, you can go back in time and see what a particular employee was doing in a specified period in the past.

Constructor of multidimensional data reports enables you to receive a set of specified data on the fly. Searching by keywords and regular expressions makes incident investigation quick and easy, and microphone recording of the workstation surroundings enables you to actually hear what’s going on around specified workstations at specific times.

  • Relations graphs

    A clear view of employee communications and their intensity. Schemes of file transfers within an enterprise and beyond.
  • Graphs of anomalies detection

    Enables the detection of anomalies in employee behaviorwith linear diagrams and interactive pie charts.
  • Heatmap of employee activities

    Detects changes in intensity of employee activities for specified time period.
  • Events timeline and table

    View sequences of events in timeline or table view with quick download option.
  • Multidimensional data reports

    OLAP technology. Quick construction of reports containing data from various dimensions.

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Cutting-edge technologies for information security, threat detection, and warning

StaffСop protects a company’s critical data and information assets the loss of which might cause financial and reputational damages.

  • File content analysis

    File scanning for appearance of sensitive data.
  • Threats Analyzer

    Automatic data analysis for suspicious events, search for keywords and regular expressions.
  • Notifications and alerts system

    Notifications of breaches occurrence in administration panel. User is immediately notified about such incidents via email.
  • User vocabularies

    To identify unreliable employees, risk groups and potential threats.

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StaffCop Enterprise monitors workstations and terminal servers in local, distributed and hybrid networks of any complexity

The StaffCop Enterprise architecture is built on the client-server paradigm, and uses secured connection to the server. Any network infrastructure that provides a client-server connection is supported: VPN, NAT, and other communication channels.

StaffCop Enterprise v. 3.1 can be connected to remote workstations that are not part of your enterprise local network.

  • Monitoring workstations connected in the local network of your enterprise
  • Centralized control of remote offices and distributed affiliated network
  • Control over remote employees and freelancers: working from home, on business trips, and elsewhere.

Offline mode is another feature of StaffCop Enterprise that makes work with remote employees convenient. It enables the StaffCop Agent to collect monitoring data and keep it on the same workstation while a server connection is down.

StaffCop Enterprise scheme of work

StaffCop Enterprise scheme of work

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Business processes optimization

Business processes optimization

It’s easy to monitor business processes with StaffCop, to find bottlenecks and identify blocking factors while investigate the cause.

Monitors real KPI of employees, so, for example, for sales managers it can be the number of commercial proposals sent and deals; or number of contacts with clients and suppliers.

Remote administration of workstations

Monitoring of processes and applications, system events, connection to the remote desktop (for viewing only) make StaffCop Enterprise an indispensable assistant for an IT-specialist. It is possible to see who and when a program is installed, uninstalled, or runs; to monitor network connections, to block the launch of undesirable websites and programs.

Remote view of desktop

Block USB devices

Blocking applications

Block visits to websites

Monitor network connections

Monitor running processes and applications

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For executives

For information security officer

For IT specialist

Total control over employee activities at workstations

You will know who is really working, and who is just getting a paycheck, who is looking for another job, and who is selling company confidential information to competitors.

Prevention of confidential
data leaks

Control over main communication channels, microphone recording, webcam snapshots, files, USB mass-storage devices, etc.

Easy deployment

Server installation using out-of-box solution, remote installation of StaffCop Enterprise Agents to endpoints.

Quick investment return,
minimum maintenance cost

97% of our solutions paid for themselves in less than two months. You do not have to purchase any additional software to run StaffCop Enterprise.

Security incidents investigation

Flexible report constructor and the multidimensional data search engine enables you to instantly find the required information in any data dimension.

Timely and polite technical support engineers

Our always ready to help technical support engineers are available to help with any system issues.

Profit growth

Using aggregated data optimize business processes and increase profits!

Threat Analyzer and Notifications (alerts) system

Detecting suspicious events using data analysis in an automatic mode, and searches for keywords and regular expressions.

High scalability

Effective work with 10 or 10 000+ workstations within your organization.

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Pricing & Licensing Information

The price of each license depends on the number of workstations you plan to monitor.

Number of licenses 10-20 21-50 51-100 101-300 301-500 501-1000 1000+
Standard license  $ 61 $ 46 $ 57 $ 43 $ 53 $ 40 $ 50 $ 38 $ 48 $ 36 $ 46 $ 35 Please contact us at
Floating license  $ 91 $ 69 $ 83 $ 63 $ 78 $ 59 $ 74 $ 56 $ 70 $ 53 $ 68 $ 51
Calculate the cost of :
License life span: perpetual, free upgrades and support for 12 months starting from the date of license activation.
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Perpetual licences

Pay once and use StaffCop Enterprise as long as you like!

Free upgrades

Upgrade your version of StaffCop Enterprise for a whole year completely for free!

Free technical support

Timely, polite and competent technical support engineers help you to run your copy of StaffCop Enterprise smoothly for a whole year completely free of charge!


Whenever you will switch from other similar solutions to StaffCop Enterprise and for prolongation of technical support lifespan.

System requirements

StaffCop Enterprise is a client-server application. StaffCop Enterprise Server is installed on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS or Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS on physical machine, virtual machine or dedicated server. StaffCop Agent or endpoint module is a system service operating on employee workstations. It aggregates all required data and transfers it to the server.

Agent (endpoint)

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012
  • CPU: Core2Duo 2.2 GHz
  • RAM: 2 Gb
  • Free space on hard disk: from 5 Gb


  • OS: GNU/Linux 64-bit (Ubuntu, Debian)
  • CPU: Quad Core 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 8 Gb
  • Free space on hard disk: from 10 Gb
  • (+256Mb per each terminal server user)

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