E-mail Correspondence Monitoring

E-mail Correspondence Monitoring

E-mail Content Control

This feature allows you to control the flow of sensitive data in the corporate e-mail environment by recording who the messages were sent to, from, when, as well as the contents of the e-mail including attachments. You can generate a comprehensive report of e-mail traffic for any period of time. The report is fully customizable and includes only specified information.

Track sent and received e-mail messages
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Why E-mail Monitoring?

E-mail messaging is one of the most vulnerable corporate communication channels. The implementation of e-mail correspondence control feature provides the appropriate corporate officers with a tool to be alerted and prevent all possible inside threats related to information loss and neutralize them in time.

E-mail correspondence monitoring features:

  • Control of all sent and received messages
  • Monitoring messages in both plain and HTML format
  • Support of all e-mail clients

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