Keylogger. Record key strokes automatically

Keylogger. Record Every Key Stroke

StaffCop allows you to track and record every key typed on the keyboard by the user. You can generate a report showing a list of all characters including keys such as SHIFT, CTRL, F1-F12, and PRINT SCREEN. StaffCop keylogger feature makes it possible to identify and save different types of passwords typed on the keyboard including password masked with asterisks.

Real-Time Access and Comprehensive Reports

StaffCop keyboard monitoring provides you with the ability to access user keyboard activities in real-time, or generate detailed reports. You can create a report specifying what applications were open and what characters were typed. (click to see a sample report).

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StaffCop Keylogger Features

  • Capture ALL keystrokes for ALL applications.
  • Capture passwords and systems keys including CTRL, CAPS LOCK, SHIFT, etc.
  • Associate key strokes sequences with the appropriate applications and users.
  • Export data to Excel or CSV.

Benefits of Keyboard Logging

Tracking employees’ keyboard activities helps you to analyze their performance allowing comprehensive reporting and evaluation of company's processes related to information security.

Many organizations do not have comprehensive strategies related to password security to their online accounts. As a result, online passwords may be lost when the responsible employees leave the company. A lack of password recovery methods that allow you to resolve these issues effectively may be costly and time-consuming. StaffCop keyboard logging feature gives you a peace of mind by providing you with immediate access to all passwords used for your company applications.

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