Capture screenshot of a remote desktop

Capture Screens of Remote Desktops

StaffCop can be configured to periodically capture images of remote computer desktops and save the screenshots in a sequence. 

Real-Time Access and Illustrated Reports

You can access the screenshots in real-time from a remote PC, or generate an illustrated report that contains the screen captures. The report is fully customizable, and can contain screenshots for a specified period of time for selected users (click to see a sample report). You can set the interval at which the images of a computer desktop will be captured, as well as specify the maximum size of data copied to the hard drive.

Here’s how the real-time access to computer desktops looks:

Remote desktop screenshot 
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The screenshots are securely stored on the users’ computers and can be accessed only by the authorized IT staff. StaffCop software allows you to download recorded screenshots to the administrator’s PC at the time when the report is generated.


Screenshot Capturing Features

StaffCop screenshot capturing features include the following:

  • You can set up time intervals when screenshots are recorded.
  • Eliminate duplicate screenshots when users are inactive.
  • Exclude computer inactivity time.
  • Screenshot on the fly compression.
  • Export data to .JPEG or .BMP file formats.

Why Capture Remote Screenshots

Periodic screen captures are essential while investigating various security related issues. The screenshots can be used as an evidence of an activity performed on a computer during a specific period of time. StaffCop can be used as a sophisticated computer surveillance system that helps business owners to optimize employee productivity.

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