USB devices monitoring

Monitor Removable Data Devices and System Events

 StaffCop performs monitoring of removable data devices such as USB, flash memory drives, and memory cards. StaffCop allows you to track the name of devices, connection and disconnection time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting feature enables you to view and track connections of USB flash drives, MP3 players, printers, scanners, and other devices to computers on the network. You can generate reports with the description of files that have been copied to removable data devices. (click to see a sample report)

USB device monitoring 
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Why Monitor Removable Data Devices?

Monitoring of USB devices allows you to track the information being transferred from company computers. This advanced data transfer tracking option is particularly beneficial if it is implemented in conjunction with monitoring of online channels. StaffCop helps you to close any gaps in your network security, allowing to trace possible sources of information loss.

For security reasons most organizations do not allow personal MP3 players and digital cameras to be connected to company's computers. StaffCop device monitoring feature gives you the ability to record any cases of personal media connections during business hours.

System Events Monitoring Features

  • Computer start-up and shutdown including exact time of events.
  • User login and logout including exact time of events and the names of users.
  • Software installations and removals including names of users performing the tasks.
  • Connections of USB devices and other media.

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