Incompatibility with some antivirus software

Some antivirus or similar anti-spyware software define StaffCop’s agent module as a riskware, or even spyware, and block it. If have faced this issue – just change the settings of antivirus and prohibit StaffCop blocking, or you can try other antivirus software.

Actually, StaffCop is a monitoring and tracking software, that gathers PC activity data. The cause of defining StaffCop as a spyware is that it uses similar technologies and processes to track PC activity data. We do not want to make StaffCop invisible or hide it from antivirus software, as spyware developers do. That is the reason why antivirus software locates – all you need to do is to add StaffCop to the exception list in the settings of your Antivirus software to grant access to necessary files and folders.

What is the main distinction between StaffCop and spyware? Actually, it all depends on the aim of software. Spyware software crawls user’s sensitive data and transfers it to 3rd parties via Internet connection. StaffCop performs monitoring of PC user activity under the administrator’s control. All the tracked and logged data which was crawled by our software do not leave the company’s network where the StaffCop is installed. That is why StaffCop is corporate data security and data loss prevention software, and spyware is a safety violating software.