Report generation in StaffCop

There are two ways to generate the report – first one is by using Scheduler, and the second one is by using Report Wizard (please see below)

Left-click on the Report Wizard icon. The time interval selection window will appear – please choose the intervals you need and press "Next"

Reports Customizing window allows you to choose parameters for report generating (i.e. you can choose to include only website visits or email monitoring, or any other parameters, in your report) – to implement this just check “Customize generation options” (by default all parameters are used in the report). If you check the "Include top 10 chart" option then additional charts will be included in your report, showing top 10 values for each parameter.

You can customize you report even more by choosing “Enable filter” – this will fill the report with the keyword-related data only. All you need to do is to enter your keywords (1 per line) and click “Next”. This is a great way to monitor emails or Instant Messengers.

After the report generating process you will be able to choose a report format, including HTML, CSV, and two different PDF types.

All the reports are stored in a folder specified in program settings: Settings-Options-Directory-Save Reports To. HTML report will be automatically opened in a Browser just after the generation.