How to install StaffCop Home Edition

  • Please download the installation file from a StaffCop website or just press the download button below:

    Download it to your PC, somewhere where you can easily find it, i.e. you can save the installation file to Desktop.

  • Locate your downloaded installation file called “staffcop_home.exe” (file extension may be hidden, depending on system settings). Now if you:

    • are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, as a user with administrator credentials, right-click on an install-file icon and choose "Run as administrator" in a drop-down menu (picture 1)

      picture 1

    • are using Windows XP, Windows 2000 as Administrator or you have administrator credentials, or you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista as Administrator (not a user with administrator credentials), double left-click on an install-file icon to start the installation process.
    • ...if User Account Control asks for permission, just press «Yes» (or «Proceed» in Windows Vista) to begin the installation process...
  • Then StaffCop Home Edition Installation Wizard will appear (picture 2). Press "Next" button,

    picture 2

  • Read the End User License Agreement (picture 3). Press "Next" button,

    picture 3

  • Select Destination Location - here you can change default destination location by entering full path to the folder where you want StaffCop Home Edition to be installed, or you can click the "Browse..." button and choose your folder using the navigation option. (picture 4)

    picture 4

  • Entering the license key — you can enter you License Key before StaffCop Home Edition installation. (picture 5)

    If you:

    • Have a License Key — choose "I have a license key", enter you license key and press "Next".
    • Do not have a License Key - choose “Use demo version” and press "Next".

    picture 5

  • Enter your email - you can set up a Scheduler, to receive daily reports to specified email address, before StaffCop Home Edition installation. (picture 6)

    If you:

    • Want to receive reports to email — check the «Send reports to e-mail» option and enter following data:

      Mail To - Email address you want to receive reports to;

      Mail From - Enter sender’s email addresss;

      Sender's Name - Name which will be used as a Sender’s name.

      Example: John Smith <> = Sender’s name <Sender’s address>.

      SMTP server - enter the SMTP server, which will be used for mailings;

      SMTP server requires authentication - by checking this option you will be able to enter SMTP server’s login data.

    • Do not want to receive reports to email — just leave «Send reports to email» option unchecked.

      picture 6

      Press "Next" button,

  • Choose additional options of StaffCop - here you can choose to automatically create desktop, quick-launch or start menu icons, just check the option you need and press "Next" button. (picture 7)

    picture 7

  • Ready to Install - here you will see the whole configuration of your installation before the start off the installation process. You can always use "Back" button to go back to previous steps and change any data. If you have finished the configuration process, press the "Install" button (picture 8),

    picture 8

    ...then you the installation indicator will appear. Depending on the speed of your PC, installation process may take several minutes. (picture 9)

    picture 9

  • After the installation process was successfully completed, just press the "Finish" button to close the Installation Wizard. (picture 10)

    picture 10

    StaffCop Home Edition is installed on your PC and ready for the first launch. You are free to use demo version for three (3) days. For further exploitation please proceed to the purchase page to buy a License Key.