StaffCop Home Edition installation and removal


To install the agent on a PC please run the install file staffcop_home.exe, using your administrator credentials.

First launch:

When you launch StaffCop Home for the first time, you will be asked to set a Admin’s password (picture 1) and set up hot-keys for a quick launch. (picture 2)

  • Password protection - password protect your administrator’s panel to increase security level. You will need to enter a password and a confirmation.

  • Use launch key — allows using launch key (hot key, short key) to start StaffCop Home;
  • Current combination — shows the current combination of hot keys for a quick launch;
  • Install new combination — set up your new combination – just click on a box below and press the combination you want to have as a hot key
  • Command to start — set a command to launch StaffCop Home using the Run Dialog (Run).
    Ways to activate the Run Dialog:
    • "Start/All Programs/Accessories/Run"
    • "Start/Run", type your command and press "OK"
    • Press "WIN+R", type your command and press "ÎK"


  • Launch the uninstall-file located in the StaffCop's directory: By Default: %ProgramFiles%\StaffCop Home Edition Home\, "unins000.exe" file