StaffCop Software Installation

StaffCop consists of three parts:

  • Administrative module - is usually installed on the computer which will be used to monitor activities on the local network as well as end-user computers.
  • User module - is installed on the end-user computers that will be monitored. It can be configured to run in the standard or stealth mode.
  • Report module – creates all statistical reports for a specified time intervals, where you can see time spent on different applications, websites, chat and email history, system events, etc.

User module can be password-protected right after the setup process. This grants the report-data access only to the authorized administrator.

Attention! Please uninstall all previous versions of StaffCop software from all user PCs before installing the new one.

Administrative Module Installation

The Administrative module is installed by following these 3 steps:

  • Download the file
  • Run the installation file and follow the instructions
  • Launch the program from the Start / Programs / StaffCop menu

If you do not uncheck the “Install user module on this PC” option (which is checked by default) when installing the StaffCop Standard software, then after the installation process module called “” will appear on a list – this is your PC.

User Module Installatio

Installation from the Administrative module:

  • Select the File / Add computer... menu item
  • Select the computers on the LAN that you would like to monitor
  • Installation will be completed within a few minutes

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Manual installation:

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Deploying modules with the Active Directory service:

  • Download the file
  • Run Active Directory Users and Computers from the Start / Programs / Administration menu
  • Create or select a group of users to install StaffCop user modules
  • If you are performing installation using a Group Policy, add new software installation - agent.msi. It could be found in the User Configuration \ Software Settings \ Software Installation menu.

More info with screenshots...