Installing StaffCop agents manually

This type of installation is used when you have no full access to the remote computer. There are 3 simple steps to add such a computer to the list of monitored PCs:

  • Step 1: Download agent.msi from our site
  • Step 2: Run agent.msi and follow the instructions. It will copy all required files to secret folders and start collecting data immediately.
  • Step 3: Add this computer to the list of monitored PCs. To do it, open the Administrative Module, select File / Add computer, then select the Add computer... option and finally enter the IP address or host name of this new PC.
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Select "File / Add Computer"   Select "Add computer..."   Enter the IP address or host name of the new computer


  • The Administrative Module does not connect to the remote computer:

    Please open TCP port 1091 on both computers. This port is used to send data from the monitored computer to the Administrative Module.

  • It is impossible to install the agent

    Some antivirus software may delete StaffCop agents automatically. This can be fixed if you create a rule for ignoring the StaffCop agent. Learn how to do it for Symantec / Norton Antivirus.