Installing StaffCop agents remotely from the Administrative Module

This type of installation can be used if you run the Administrative Module on the company's server with the full rights to manage other computers. There are 3 steps to perform this type of installation:

  • Step 1: In the Administrative Module, select File / Add computer:

  • Step 2: Select Remote installation:

  • Step 3:Select the computers you want to monitor in the next dialog box. Here you can browse your LAN and select computers, enter a range of IP addresses or paste a list of host names:


  • It is impossible to install agents

    The most probable reason is that you have no administrative access to remote computers. See our FAQ for more information about troubleshooting.

  • Firewall configuration

    StaffCop needs TCP port 1091 for information exchange between agents phentermine and the Administrative Module. Therefore, TCP port 1091 should be open in your corporate firewall.