StaffCop Home Edition

Parental control software. Protect your kids from negative impact of the Web

StaffCop Home Features

Screenshot recording

StaffCop Home allows you to surveil the home PC by taking periodic snapshots of the computer screen. You can access the computer desktop remotely in real time and view screenshots of different time intervals. When its time to generate reports, the Report Wizard will download all screenshots to the parent's computer.

When you have installed StaffCop Home, you are able to see whats happening on your home PC. Even if you are far away from home, it is possible to receive screenshot reports by email. To make this even easier, we have implemented a slideshow feature.

Real Time view and report generating

You can access the screenshots in real-time from a remote PC, or generate an illustrated report that contains the screen captures. The report is fully customizable, and can contain screenshots for a specified period of time for selected users (click to see a sample report). You can set the interval at which the images of a computer desktop will be captured, as well as specify the maximum size of data copied to the hard drive.

The screenshots are securely stored on the home computer and can be accessed only by using the parent-password. All information, including screenshots, are encrypted and cannot be viewed anywhere except parental administration panel, which is password-protected.

Screenshot capturing features

StaffCop Home screenshot capturing features include the following:

  • You can set up time intervals when screenshots are recorded.
  • Eliminate duplicate screenshots when user is inactive.
  • Excludecomputer inactivitytime.
  • Exclude time when computer is used by parents, not kids.
  • Screenshot on the fly compression.
  • Export data to .JPEG or .BMP file formats.
  • Save as grayscale picture
  • View as slideshow

Why Capture Remote Screenshots

It is always easier to prove childs prohibited activity when you have such screenshots as the screenshot is one of the best evidences. Also it is possible to prevent your child from inappropriate content you will always know what is interesting to him and what does he see on his computer screen.

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Application Monitoring

View the list of applications run on your home PC. StaffCop Home creates performance reports on how many hours are spent in different applications. This way, you can easily learn more about how your child's time is spent. StaffCop Home tracking software calculates the total time spent using every program and provides detailed reports.

StaffCop gives you the ability to monitor and record applications launched on your home PC. This allows you to view the list of programs that are currently running or terminated providing comprehensive usage statistics for each application. You can generate various types of reports specifying required time intervals and users.

list of programs that are currently running

Why Track Application Usage?

Instant control and periodic checks of user activities provide valuable information on how you childs time is spent. If a game or social network appears to much in your report then it may be a sign of fascination, which may affect school activities.

StaffCop Home Report Wizard generates detailed statistics displaying how long the child spent working with different types of applications including Office applications such as Word and Excel doing homework, and if he used his time playing computer games.

Reported information is divided in groups by applications, which allows you to track time spent in Office applications (doing homework), instant messaging applications or social networks (chatting with friends). It is easy to create your custom groups and monitor the specific activity only.

Application tracking features

StaffCop Home Application Monitoring features include the following:

  • Ability to record every program launched by the user and by the operating system.
  • Analyze the time spent with each application.
  • Create employee groups and make custom reports.

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Email Correspondence Monitoring

Email is the most popular communication channel over the web,and can certainly be dangerous for a kid, or even the whole family. Using email communication strangers may ask for info about family's finances, what time parents come home from work, or they may even try to invite your child to a sect. Email correspondence monitoring will help you to prevent these occurrence.

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Website Monitoring

StaffCop Home records the page address (URL), title, time of access and time spent on each website. All types of Web browsers are supported. You can see a list of opened websites when needed, or access a report of all sites visited by your child in a specified time range. The advantage of StaffCop's tracker is that it doesn't use the easily forged browser history (which may be cleared by an educated child) to collect information about web traffic.

StaffCop Home allows you to create logs and reports of all websites and individual Web pages visited by your child. Advanced logging mechanisms detect pages visited with any Web browser of any version including commonly used browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Opera. StaffCop Home effectively records the URL addresses and page titles of every visited resource.

StaffCop provides you with the ability to view the list of open Web resources in real-time or generate comprehensive reports about all sites and pages visited by the child within a specified period of time.

Why Track Web Sites and Online Activities?

Nowadays children spend so much time using internet. On the one hand, it is hard to imagine normal educated child without an internet access because of many educational programs and websites, on the other hand you childs education passion may be ruined by online games and social networks. Sure, such activities may not be prohibited, and StaffCop Home helps to measure the time spent on different websites, including browser games and social networking websites.

Also there are so many adult-content websites, which are inappropriate for children, and if you see in reports that your kid has already visited such websites it will be easier to discuss this with him and tell why its wrong.

StaffCop Home web monitoring features include the following:

  • Capture of URL addresses, page titles, time of access.
  • Monitor sites visited using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera and other types of browsers.
  • Generate detailed reports about visited web sites.
  • Separate search term monitoring
  • Advanced functions of search engine monitoring
  • Full Twitter monitoring, including private messages.

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Chats/IM activity monitoring

StaffCop Home's agent module logs all chats excahged through popular instant messengers, such as SKYPE, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and AOL Instant Messenger. StaffCop Home records both incoming and outgoing messages (most IM loggers can only detect outgoing messages). In the reports, you may choose to sort chats history by contact, day, or time. You will also be able compare time spent chatting with time spent on other processes.


Why Track Online Chats?

Instant messaging monitoring is a must-use tool to understand who your child is talking to and what his interests are. This will help to protect your child from negative impact of instant messaging. Children are spending much time making friends and chatting online, and most of the time they use IM and Chats for this purpose. Thats why it is so important to monitor their IM and Chat activities.

How it works?

All incoming and outgoing messages in any Chat or IM application can be easily removed by a user, but StaffCop Home use different algorithms to track, save and analyze your childs chats you will never miss a thing.

Chat Recording features:

  • StaffCop Home records both incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Messages can be viewed in sequence for each contact.
  • All popular messengers such as SKYPE, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ are supported.
  • Full Twitter support, including personal messages.

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USB Device Monitoring

StaffCop logs the use of USB devices, recording the device name and the times of connection and disconnection.

All types of USB devices (Flash drives, MP3 players, iPods, iPhones, cameras, etc.) are supported.

StaffCop performs monitoring of removable data devices such as USB, flash memory drives, and memory cards. StaffCop allows you to track the name of devices, connection and disconnection time.

Comprehensive reporting feature enables you to view and track connections of USB flash drives, MP3 players, printers, scanners, and other devices to computers on the network. You can generate reports with the description of files that have been copied to removable data devices and you will always receive copy of files that were copied to the USB devices. It was never easier!


Why Monitor Removable Data Devices?

Using USB-device monitoring feature you will be able to control all information hosted on you home PC. You will always know if someone copy your sensitive data without permission. Accidentally, your child may copy some sensitive documents to the USB device along with school photos.

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Clipboard monitoring

StaffCop Home allows you to monitor the clipboard. If a child copies any kind of information to the clipboard (CTRL+C, Copy), you will be able to track it in logs and reports.

When kid copies something to the clipboard, StaffCop Home saves a shadow-copy of the copied file or item so it is possible to track these actions.

It is possible to set the limit for maximum size for the copied file and set the memory limit for the file storage.

Why monitor the clipboard?

This function gives the additional control to parents and allows them to see what exactly was copied. It prevents the cases when child just copies the information from one place to another, or it was something that child did not to save. StaffCop Homes detects such activity and save it to logs and reports.

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Social Network Monitoring

In today's world, children spend a lot of time on social networks. This becomes a significant part of their lives. It is important to monitor these online visits, so that children do not spend too much time in social networks and do not communicate with potentially dangerous strangers.

Thanks to StaffCop Home, the problem of monitoring social networks is solved. You are able to see private messages, photos and other material seen, uploaded, liked, or commented on by the social network user.

All action in following social networks are tracked and analyzed:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • LinkedIn
  • Classmate
  • VKontakte
  • etc

Why monitor social network activities?

Nowadays, social network have great impact on childrens life and education. Most of their time is spent browsing social networks, chatting there and playing online games, that are the part of each social network.

You will be able to analyze how you childs time is spent in social networks who does he contact, which games he plays, which files he uploads or downloads. Knowing your childs interests will help to protect him from the negative impact of social networks and save him from internet frauds and scams.

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Search Term Tracking

A separate type of monitoring is Search Term Tracking. All queries your child makes in search engines are available in a separate tab of the event log, so you can see what interests your kid and what information he or she seeks. Search Term Tracking supports most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Yandex, etc.

StaffCop Home shows what exactly was searched by your child, and you will be able to detect such activities:

  • Child searches for the adult or inappropriate content.
  • Child searches something that is related to his health.
  • Child has some private problems.

It is always good to know what bothers your childs so you will be able to prevent incidents that may harm him or your family.

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File and Folder Tracking

StaffCop Home detects all file operations on networked PCs. You can easily customize the report by tracking particular file types and events, e.g. accessing Word or Excel files in My Documents or executing files in Program Files.

When files are created, copied, opened or deleted, StaffCop tracks this information.

Custom settings allow to apply tracking and monitoring to important files and folders only, i.e. documents, this is how its possible to save time checking reports.

StaffCop Home also tracks all the file/folder activities that are web-related you will always know if your child uploaded photos, archive or any kind of documents. StaffCop Home creates copies of all web-uploaded files.

StaffCop Home File/Folder Monitoring Features:

  • StaffCop records access to any types of files including the ones that are hidden or a part of the system.
  • StaffCop detects the name of the program that gains access to files.
  • You can create filters tracking only specific types of files. You will be able to track just Excel or Word files, or any other type of file!
  • You can detect and record the files that are copied to USB drives and to other media.
  • Monitoring of all file activity.
  • Monitoring of all web-uploaded files, folders and archives.

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Keystroke recording

All keystrokes are recorded to protect your child from the negative impact of targeted chats and custom communication systems. You can see the key logger reports in real-time, as well as access them through a schedule.

StaffCop Home captures passwords and system keys (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, CAPS LOCK, etc) as well, thus, increasing the level of parental control.

It is always important to have access to password-protected websites and profiles to determine if your child hides something from you. Also it assists when you need to talk to his friends or chatmates personally.

Sometimes when child become too game-adicted, the only way out is to log in into his account and delete all his game-data and his game character your child may just lost his game interest then.

StaffCop Keylogger Features

  • Capture ALL keystrokes for ALL applications.
  • Capture passwords and systems keys including CTRL, CAPS LOCK, SHIFT, etc.
  • Associate key strokes sequences with the appropriate applications and users.
  • Export data to Excel or CSV.

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PC Activities Reporting

Report Wizard is an integral part of StaffCop Home that helps to analyze your child's activities and time spent at the computer. For any day, week or month, you can view the applications launched and used and calculate, the time spent effectively. StaffCop Home creates comprehensive time sheet reports organized by application. The same reports can be compiled for websites, documents, key strokes, and so on.

You can view the programs that your kid initiated and executed, with details including the time of day of the program's launch and duration of the program's activity. You can generate a spreadsheet style report based on time intervals that shows which programs were running, or create a graph that illustrates the percentage of time spent on different types of activities.

This report can include:

  • List of websites
  • Types of documents
  • Key strokes
  • Applications
  • etc

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Strong Security

StaffCop module runs as a Windows system service. If a user doesn't have administrator credentials, then it is not possible to stop, bypass or get rid of it.

Information is encrypted on the Agent side and decrypted on the Admin side, so it is impossible to intercept and view the data.

StaffCop Home special features special module security: you will be able to set the password that will grant you the access to the admin panel, reports and realtime monitoring. Even if your kid accidentally opens the admin panel he or she will not be able to enter or view any data. You can also set up special keyboard shortcuts to reach the admin panel and then remove all the desktop and tray icons.

System Event Monitoring

StaffCop Home tracks and analyzes data about the following system activities:

  • Computer start-up and shutdown, including exact time of events.
  • User login and logout, including the exact times of events and the names of users.
  • Software installation and removal, including names of the users performing the tasks.
  • Connection of USB devices and other media.
  • Printed documents