StaffCop Home Edition

Parental control software. Protect your kids from negative impact of the Web

StaffCop Home 5.2 (September 2012)

  • Skype monitoring and logging added
  • Hot-keys to stop Agent added
  • Removal from "recently launched applications" added
  • Network exceptions of monitoring processes allowed
  • Ignoring WWW and HTTP:// in website blocking
  • Scheduler is updated with a feature of sending reports to different email addresses
  • Scheduler is updated with a feature of a name check, no duplicate report names allowed
  • Agent removal and uninstall mechanism improved
  • Logging of the install process added
  • Stability and response speed improved
  • Single server-check on start only available
  • Skype-monitoring exclusion added, easily to turn off
  • Thunderbird monitoring
  • History cleaning
  • Google queries in Search Monitoring

  • StaffCop 4.2.0 Home Edition (June 5, 2011)

    • New network traffic analyzer (similar to one used in Security Curator). This will increase and stabilize the efficiency of website, search query, social network and sent file monitoring.
    • Support of IMAP protocol added
    • Advanced desktop monitoring and screenshooting features added
    • Fixed: Password matching error
    • Fixed: Scheduler registration error

    StaffCop 4.1.0 Home Edition (April 13, 2011)

    • Backup copy of all files sent to social networks: photos, music, videos
    • Chat logging feature for Facebook and VK networks
    • Private message logging for Twitter network
    • Photo and video view logging
    • New social networks for monitoring: MySpace, LinkedIn, MoyKrug
    • Screenshot quality setup: grey-scale image, image compression level setup
    • Search query monitoring for Wikipedia and popular Search Engines
    • Slideshow feature for viewing saved screenshots
    • Now it’s possible to generate and save reports to network places

    StaffCop 4.0.0 Home Edition (December 23, 2010)

    StaffCop Home Edition – parental control software with unique monitoring features. This version of StaffCop is designed specifically for home use on 1 PC.

    StaffCop Home parental control software is not only about blocking – it is about monitoring and analyzing user activity. Our software helps parents to watch and analyze their children’s internet-activity. Software is designed to track website visits, IM chats (ICQ, Skype, AIM), social network activity. Also screenshots are taken every few minutes, so it is possible to see what is shown on the PC screen.

    All records, statistics and screenshots can be reached through the password protected administrative module which can’t be accessed by children.

    Main Features of StaffCop Home Edition:

    • Stealth Mode – whole StaffCop system is hidden from PC-user, and it’s really hard to find and locate all StaffCop processes
    • Analytics modules generate charts and statistics on how many time is spent playing games, running application, visiting websites, chatting in IM.
    • Screen Capture – screenshots are taken every few minutes and may be accessed in admin panel.
    • IM and Email correspondence is tracked and analyzed, it may be accessed in admin panel.
    • Built-in Key logger provides you with passwords from social networks and other login-only websites.
    • It is possible to track all file activity, printed documents, USB connections, installed applications and much more.
    • Social Network Monitoring – All actions taken in Facebook, Classmates or VK are tracked and analyzed. You are able to see private messages, photos and other materials seen by a user.
    • Search Term Tracking – it is possible to track and analyze all searches performed in Google, Yandex, Rambler. This helps to analyze what is interesting to your kid at the moment.

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