Installation of StaffCop. Computer and network monitoring program. Employee activity monitoring

StaffCop Software Installation

StaffCop consists of two parts:

  • Administrative module - is usually installed on the computer which will be used to monitor activities on the local network as well as end-user computers.
  • User module - is installed on the end-user computers that will be monitored. It can be configured to run in the standard or stealth mode.

Administrative Module Installation

The Administrative module is installed by following these 3 steps:

  1. Download the file
  2. Run the installation file and follow the instructions
  3. Launch the program from the Start / Programs / StaffCop menu

User Module Installation

Installation from the Administrative module :

  • Select the File / Add computer... menu item
  • Select the computers on the LAN that you would like to monitor
  • Installation will be completed within a few minutes

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Deploying modules with the Active Directory service :

  • Download the file
  • Run Active Directory Users and Computers from the Start / Programs / Administration menu
  • Create or select a group of users to install StaffCop user modules
  • If you are performing installation using a Group Policy, add new software installation - agent.msi. It could be found in the User Configuration \ Software Settings \ Software Installation menu.

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Manual installation:

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