Manual installation of StaffCop Standard agent

Launch this type of installation when you have no full access to the remote computer. Complete the following steps to add workstation you want to monitor to the list of monitored workstations:

Step 1:

Download agent.msi from our web site

Step 2:Launch agent.msi and follow instructions. All required files will be copied to hidden folders and the program will begin collecting data immediately.
Step 3:Add this computer to the list of monitored PCs. To do it, open the Administrative Module, select File / Add computer, then select the Add computer... option and finally enter the IP address or host name of this new workstation.

Select "File / Add Computer"Select "Add computer..."Enter the IP address or host name of the new computer


• The Administrative Module is unable to connect to remote computer:

Please open TCP port 1091 on both computers. This port is used to transfer data from monitored computer to the Administrative Module.

Impossible to install StaffCop Standard agent

Some antivirus software may delete StaffCop agents automatically. This can be fixed if you create a rule for ignoring the StaffCop agent. Learn how to do it for Symantec / Norton Antivirus.