PC monitoring and Spy Software Legal Aspects

A large number of StaffCop users are interested in the following question: "How does the program's use correlates with the law?". Indeed, employee observation is quite a tricky subject. We offer you the information regarding the legal aspects of StaffCop's use in the Russian Federation(note that in other countries, the situation may differ).

For organizations, using StaffCop to tracking employee activities:

The relation between the employee and the organization (that employs him/her) is regulated by labor contracts and legislation. The use of monitoring systems with regards to personnel is legal as long as the program is used only during working hours at the work place. The employer possesses a right to determine what are considered to be work related and private life related activities. The inviolability of the one's life is protected under the Constitution.

The employee must be informed beforehand about his or her activities being monitored, and should sign the appropriate release document (for example, a labor contract that includes appropriate regulations). To tracking a person's activity without their consent is against the law, and consequently, the evidence collected this way, is inadmissible in court.

For users installing StaffCop on their own PC

You can install any software on your own PC including tracking programs. You are entitled not to inform other users of your PC about such programs being installed(in this case, we recommend using the stealth mode of StaffCop). If you install StaffCop on somebody else's PC without informing the owner, you are breaking the law.

If several users use your PC, we highly recommended creating separate accounts (login) with limited user rights for each of them. The administrator's rights and rights of the common user should be strictly divided. It is impossible to install StaffCop's tracking agent with user rights.