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26.12.2018  StaffCop Enterprise 4.3 is available
Today we are glad to present StaffCop Enterprise 4.3 developed to help organizations monitor their employee efficiency and prevent confidential data leak. The new version makes it sufficiently easier to analyze big volumes of data in real-time due to the database hybrid model. StaffCop Enterprise can track events both on Windows and Linux workstations as well as terminal servers.

21.11.2016  StaffCop critical updates are out to download!
Time to renew your StaffCop agents!

11.11.2016  StaffCop is Going East!

Recently Atom Security Inc. signed a partnership agreement with Micro 2000 Technologies Asia Pte. Ltd. The new partner will be promoting StaffCop software in Asia-Pacific region.

27.06.2016  StaffCop Enterprise puts a new spin in corporate security
Atom Security Inc. announces official release of unique software package – StaffCop Enterprise. The software was developed using new technologies and aimed at medium and large enterprises.

26.03.2015  StaffCop is used by 20,000+ companies
StaffCop is used by 20,000+ companies

27.03.2013  StaffCop Standard 5.6 supports Windows 8
Atom Security company, information security and event control product developer, announces the release of the new StaffCop Standard 5.6. New version of the solution covers performance improvements and full Windows 8 compatibility.

01.03.2013  StaffCop on the pages of Hack Insight magazine
Happy to announce our cooperation with Hack Insight, real hacking magazine. Both StaffCop and Hack Insight fight together to make internet safe and strong!

07.09.2012  StaffCop Home 5.2 - Skype Monitoring and additional parental control
We announce StaffCop Home 5.2 with new monitoring and parental control features.

04.09.2012  StaffCop and Hakin9 cooperation
StaffCop cooperates with one of the most popular and largest IT Security magazines - Hakin9. 

13.07.2012  StaffCop 5.2 - Skype monitoring added
AtomPark Software released StaffCop 5.2 with a Skype monitoring feature. Total stability improved!

12.06.2012  StaffCop 5.1 - Terminal Server Support
AtomPark Software announces the release of the new StaffCop 5.1 with a Terminal Server support.

21.05.2012  StaffCop Standard 5.1 Beta - Terminal Server Support
StaffCop Standard 5.1 supports terminal servers. 2 week long open Beta-tests - we are waiting for your feedback to make our software even better!

05.03.2012  White lists in StaffCop Home Edition 5.0
Let your children access the websites and software you choose.

21.02.2012  Best Monitoring Software 2011 – StaffCop awarded by WebHostingSearch

We are pleased to announce that StaffCop is chosen by WebHostingSearch as the best Monitoring Software of 2011.

17.01.2012  Whitelists and new features of StaffCop 5.0

AtomPark Software announces StaffCop 5.0 release. 
StaffCop 5.0 has been released with the following features - whitelists, blacklists, encrypted traffic monitoring, new registration and activation mechanisms, etc.

08.07.2011  Free StaffCop Licenses for Schools – Protecting Children This Summer
AtomPark Software announces the summer giveaway, dedicated to the International Children’s Day. 

06.07.2011  StaffCop Home Edition 4.2
We are happy to announce the new version of a PC monitoring and parental control software StaffCop Home Edition 4.2.

17.06.2011  StaffCop Standard 4.2
We are happy to announce the new version of a PC monitoring and corporate data security software StaffCop 4.2

22.04.2011  StaffCop Home Edition 4.1
Protecting Your Children from Negative Impact of Social Networks

30.03.2011  StaffCop Standard 4.1
Bringing Social Network Monitoring to the Next Level

20.01.2011  StaffCop Home Edition
Parental Control Software with unique monitoring features. 

24.11.2010  StaffCop 4.0
Social networks and search engines under control

05.08.2010  StaffCop 3.5
New features of the software

01.07.2010  StaffCop 3.4.5 released
AtomPark Software Inc. announced the release of new version StaffCop 3.4.5, corporate security and data loss prevention software.

20.10.2009  StaffCop Enterprise 5.0 beta
inventation to beta-test of StaffCop Enterprise

27.05.2009  StaffCop 3.0 released!
AtomPark Software Inc. released StaffCop 3.0 with a complete Windows Vista support.

22.04.2009  Download free StaffCop 3.00 beta
We invite you to beta test the new version. Your feedback and/or questions are welcomed as we continue to improve the quality of our products.

31.03.2009  Labor optimization as a tool to fight with crisis
Go ahead and keep updated with the latest articles!

25.03.2009  Migrate to StaffCop!
Special offer for users of competitive products!

12.01.2009  Press-release: version 2.7
AtomPark Software Inc., a software developer, announces the implementation of innovative feature into its employees's monitoring application StaffCop 2.7 - the opportunity to control employees's email correspondence plugging information leaks

12.01.2009  Spring offer - 10% off
10 licenses and more with 10% discount!

11.01.2009  StaffCop 2.7 is available now!
The opportunity to control employees’ email correspondence has been added.

09.12.2008  Special offer for partners!
Buy 10 licenses and get 1 free! Need more info?

04.12.2008  StaffCop on!
Read the latest announcement about StaffCop on!

02.12.2008  Press-release: version 2.6
AtomPark Software Inc., a software developer, declares the implementation of innovative feature into its employees' monitoring application StaffCop 2.6 - total control of all USB-devices connected to the computers.

01.12.2008  Christmas offer!
Christmas is coming! Get 10 licenses and more with 10% off the regular price!

13.08.2008  StaffCop Brochure
We have prepared a small brochure explaining what is StaffCop and how to install it in your company.

08.08.2008  StaffCop Monitoring Technology White paper
We have prepared a White Paper for Chief Security Officers who are looking for corporate security and monitoring solutions

29.07.2008  StaffCop 2.5 is ready
The updated version of StaffCop 2.5 is now ready. We recommend to upgrade your existing version, it's free for all

01.07.2008  Press-release: version 2.4
AtomPark Software announces the release of StaffCop 2.4, a major update to its remote PC surveillance software for the corporate market.

30.06.2008  Certified Partner of Microsoft
AtomPark Software becomes a certified partner of Microsoft Corp.

06.03.2008  New version 2.4 is ready
New version 2.4 is ready. The update is highly recommended becase there are many new features, like keylogger and file monitor.

03.03.2008  Free StaffCop for just a link to us
A free license for StaffCop 3 agents for placing a link to us or making a post in your blog.

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