StaffCop Enterprise puts a new spin in corporate security

StaffCop Enterprise puts a new spin in corporate security

Atom Security Inc. announces official release of unique software package – StaffCop Enterprise. The software was developed using new technologies and aimed at medium and large enterprises.

StaffCop Enterprise helps to resolve tasks divided into 5 main blocks:

  • 1. Employee attendance monitoring;
  • 2. Incidents and insider threats investigation;
  • 3. Providing information security using incident alerts system;
  • 4. Employee control via monitoring of message exchanges in instant messengers and social networks, and web site visits;
  • 5. Providing enterprises with information and internal security mode using online analytical processing based on OLAP cubes technology.

StaffCop Enterprise – is completely new software solution aimed at corporate sector. Our developers considered all requirements and wishes of our major clients while developing current solution. We use most up-to-date technologies and programming languages to develop StaffCop Enterprise solution, enabling to easily scale it to any number of users and affiliates, as well as to custom develop its functional for specific needs of our clients. Our product will be your irreplaceable assistant in employee monitoring, incidents investigations and data loss prevention.

Custom development and high scalability (up to several thousand workstations) due to its flexible architecture are additional benefits of StaffCop software package. It does not take too much time and resources to custom develop current solution.