Free StaffCop Licenses for Schools Ė Protecting Children This Summer

AtomPark Software announces the summer giveaway, dedicated to the International Children’s Day. During the period of June 1st – September 15th, we are providing every school with a gift of 10 StaffCop licenses. Request with a stamp (or using an official corporate forma) and principalís signature is necessary to receive free licenses. Request made in a free form should be sent to the Sales Department of StaffCop.

“We are developing software solutions for more than 10 years, and all this time we were supporting schools and universities, - commented this giveaway Evgeny Medvednikov, CEO of AtomPark Software Inc. Ė StaffCop Standard showed great results in studentsí and pupilsí monitoring. Nowadays each and every school has internet access, and our task is to provide teachers with a control and monitoring tool, to make it possible to protect children from the negative impact of the web and inappropriate content and actions”

Itís quite impossible to pay attention to each studentís actions, and after the installation of StaffCop monitoring software detailed real-time and generated reports will provide teachers with all necessary data. Reports include data and statistics on visited websites, launched applications, search queries in all popular search engines, chats and uploads in social networks, files and folders copied to and from USB devices, and much more. StaffCop monitoring software also takes periodic screenshots of a PC screen, making it available to see what a PC user really saw on his screen.

Monitoring software is the only solution, which guarantees the full control of pupilsí and studentsí PC activity and the right usage of PC and Internet access in schools and universities.

We provide special discounted (-40%) prices on StaffCop Standard for such organizations as schools, universities, public museum, public libraries, charity organizations and hospitals, etc.

Now it is possible to monitor childrenís PC activity and protect them from the negative impact of the web at home, using parental control software StaffCop Home, which is custom made for home use.

All the details are available on request -

To receive your 10 free licenses of StaffCop Standard please send the scanned copy of a request with a stamp and principalís signature on it to