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July 1st, 2008

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AtomPark Software

Improve Employee Productivity and Tighten Corporate Security with StaffCop

AtomPark Software announces the release of StaffCop 2.4, a major update to its remote PC surveillance software for the corporate market. The new version allows for continuous monitoring of remote computers of the entire company, and adds enhanced support for intercepting and logging conversations occurring in MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. StaffCop 2.4 is easy to deploy in large networks, and supports Active Directory.

About StaffCop

StaffCop enhances corporate security and improves employee productivity and customer service by tracking time they spend on the computer and monitoring all sorts of activities. StaffCop tracks what programs they use and for how long, monitors Web sites and Internet resources they visit, records instant messenger conversations, captures keystrokes and makes periodic captures of their computer screen to better illustrate their activities. The newest version of StaffCop is able to recognize MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger chats, providing output in a way of clearly legible and well-structured reports.

Constantly monitoring all or select activities on all computers within an organization, StaffCop gives easy remote access to the logs from the convenience of a central location. Senior management and security staff gets convenient access to reports regarding employee productivity, time sheets or potential security breaches such as certain keystrokes, words or phrases used in any mail, chats or instant messenger conversations.

StaffCop supports Active Directory and is quick and easy to deploy over the network no matter how big a company is.

About AtomPark Software

AtomPark Software works on the information security arena since 2001, delivering software-based solutions to the corporate security market.

The products by AtomPark Software help businesses improve employee productivity and tighten security, while disciplining employees and delivering better customer service to the clients. The companyís ultimate goal is providing cost-effective productivity and security solutions to its customers. Since the foundation, AtomPark Software continues to apply the best efforts to make its software products affordable and usable to everyone. Currently employing 25 specialists in information security and software development, AtomPark Software pays careful attention to detail, and is able to deliver finished products that are used by its corporate clients all over the world.

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Evaluation version of StaffCop is available for download at