Press-release: version 2.6

StaffCop 2.6 press release

Employee Computer Surveillance Software StaffCop Exceeds the Limits: All USB-Devices are Under Control

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, December 2 -- AtomPark Software Inc. (, a software developer, declares the implementation of innovative feature into its employees' monitoring application StaffCop 2.6 - total control of all USB-devices connected to the computers (

StaffCop is a corporate security software intended to watch employee performance, insuring corporate information security. Since 87% of the leak of confidential information is due to insiders, StaffCop helps to decrease the loss or misuse of data, whether accidental or deliberate, by monitoring LAN PCs.

In the new version 2.6 all features are significantly improved and the new ones are implemented. This brings the usage of the program to the new level of data security. The novelty of the version 2.6 is the complete control of all USB-devices. The shadow copying allows creating copies of the files that are transferred to the USB-devices and send the copies to the local administrator for the following review.

StaffCop software purpose:

  • to ensure corporate security by tracing and preventing any leaks of confidential and critical information;
  • to analyze personnel computer-related activities by monitoring employees' use of e-mails, the Internet, computer files, keystrokes,chats in all popular instant messengers, logins and logouts;
  • to generate the reports on computer use and USB-devices in the company;
  • to alert managers or security officers to the dangerous situation instantly.

About AtomPark Software Inc.

Founded in 2001, AtomPark Software is an international security and internet marketing software developer and vendor. The company has regional offices in Australia, Ukraine, Russia and Spain. Currently it's intensively building the partner network all over the world.