StaffCop Enterprise 4.5: on guard of your trade secret

StaffCop Enterprise 4.5

StaffCop has released a revolutionary version in its history, as now you can block not only USB drives, applications and web-sites, but configure access to files for various users, which makes StaffCop a full-fledged DLP system able to protect your confidential information. For example, you can forbid sales managers to upload quotations to cloud storages or USB drives but allow sending them by e-mail.

The Key-logger module has been significantly strengthened by embedding the text recognition option — now text can be extracted not only from the documents, but from the images as well. Let’s imagine that one of your employees makes unauthorized corrections to an agreement, than scans it and sends the image or PDF by e-mail. The text in the file gets recognized and available for contextual search. If it contains any vocabulary specified as worthy of attention, you will be notified. What if the possible leakage of documents is not as dangerous to your business as the information that can be leaked during voice negotiations, for example in Skype or a SIP application? StaffCop Enterprise is here to help you, as you can record and play all the sound that was fed to connected microphones, speakers or other audio device.

If you suspect a person or a group of people of activity that can be harmful to your business, but don’t have any proof of that, you can enable the Video Monitoring module. You can watch several employees’ screens in real time and record the process to a video file that can be used as a part of an evidence base in a forensic investigation. If any suspicious activity is noticed on a particular screen you can switch to it, take control over the computer and prevent the harmful activity.

All the information collected by StaffCop can be represented in a fully-customized dashboard to which you can add displaying information from all the required modules in the view mode most convenient for each of them. This is very handy when you want to get an instant and full understanding of any process of interest. For example, you want to get a quick overview on the intercepted files. You can set up a dashboard that will contain the total number of intercepted files, their categorization by file types, the table of the files copied to USB drives and cloud storages and the files that were attached to e-mails.

That’s only a part of the StaffCop Enterprise 4.5 functionality and all the 20 modules are available in the free 15-days trial version.