StaffCop is Going East!

Recently Atom Security Inc. signed a partnership agreement with Micro 2000 Technologies Asia Pte. Ltd. The new partner will be promoting StaffCop software in Asia-Pacific region.


Micro 2000 Technologies Asia Pte Ltd is a market-leading enterprise technology infrastructure, software and services company with a proven track record in providing system integration and turnkey solutions. The company has deep proficiency in key areas of IT Consulting, Infrastructure, Distribution, Hardware Maintenance and Software Customization.

“We are extremely careful in selecting our partners. In our partnership with Micro 2000 Technologies we admire their highly professional and complex approach: the company operates in all spheres of IT assisting enterprises in all business processes: starting with consulting services and to system integration and provision of turnkey solutions. So, it was not unexpected that this company decided to start offering professional software that improves information security and employee efficiency to enterprises. And, we have exactly the right solution for this!” – explains Dmitry Kandybovich, CEO of Atom Security Inc. – “Promoting our software through trusted partners is a fundamental principle of our business strategy development.”