StaffCop Standard 4.1

StaffCop Standard 4.1

AtomPark Software Inc proudly announces a new 4.1 version of StaffCop Standard  – corporate data security and data loss prevention software to monitor staff’s workstations, PCs and laptops.

Social networks and social media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, are becoming more and more popular nowadays affecting each and every business niche – employers are wasting precious time visiting social networks to have a chat with friends, play games, share media, etc. Social network is the most dangerous data leakage channel because of its huge auditory and low privacy and security level. Employers may disclose corporate secrets, transfer or share sensitive corporate data by publishing job-related photos, videos and other media.

AtomPark Software, corporate data security and monitoring software StaffCop Standard developer and vendor, is paying attention to new data leakage trends and keeps StaffCop Standard software updated. Here is the list of recent changes:

  • Backup copy of files that were sent via social networks: photos, audio files, videos
  • Chat monitoring in Facebook and VK
  • Private message monitoring in Twitter
  • Video and photo views are logged now
  • New social networks to monitor: MySpace, LinkedIn, Moy Krug

New technical features are also available in new StaffCop Standard 4.1:

  • Screenshot quality setup: grey-scale image, image compression level setup
  • Search query monitoring for Wikipedia
  • Slideshow feature for viewing saved screenshots
  • Now it’s possible to generate and save reports to network places.
  • Faster and more stable agent-module, minor admin-module errors have been fixed

“According to latest statistics employees are wasting precious 20% of their work-time to visit social networks and blogs, - says Evgeny Medvednikov, Head of AtomPark Software. – Our company are keeping an eye on all data leakage and time-wasting statistics and trends to keep our staff monitoring and data loss prevention software StaffCop updated. If you cannot close the website then monitor it – this is the solution, because many of specialists use such websites for their work needs and it’s highly important to monitor and track how work-time is spent there. For more than 5 years StaffCop Standard is one of the Top products for meeting such needs – monitor staff’s internet and PC activity and prevent corporate data loss.”

Also it is possible to track and save all messages sent via email or popular instant messengers (ICQ, QIP, AIM, etc.). StaffCop Standard software tracks and shows all the outgoing and incoming messages, attached files. StaffCop controls all the actions about files and folders (copying, editing, and removing) and performs shadow-copy of all printed files.