StaffCop 5.1 - Terminal Server Support

AtomPark Software announces the release of the new StaffCop 5.1.

“Terminal server support is a grand step in StaffCop developing, - Konstantyn Makarov, CEO of AtomPark Software, commented on the new release. – Latest researches show that there are a growing number of our clients that use terminal servers. Terminal server support brings security to a higher level, it becomes harder to attack data from the inside. This also reduces administration costs and electricity bills.”

New features of StaffCop 5.1:

- Ability to add and remove monitored users,

- User import from AD,

- Information viewing and filtering by user,

- Data saving by user,

- Export of reports and task planning for users,

- Excluding processes from network monitoring at administration module.

In addition to the features listed above, StaffCop software monitors all the social network and IM communications, and also tracks and logs all the incoming and outgoing emails, including attachments.†

We thank all of our clients who have participated in Beta-testings of StaffCop 5.1. Free license keys and certificates will be delivered to email addresses mentioned in applications.