Whitelists and new features of StaffCop 5.0

Whitelists and new features of StaffCop 5.0

AtomPark Software announces StaffCop 5.0 release.

StaffCop Standard is corporate security, data loss prevention and monitoring software. StaffCop Standard allows you to monitor all activities on company computers and prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.

StaffCop supports real-time monitoring, data harvesting, statistics on employee or user activities, launched application monitoring, visited websites monitoring, social networking, social media and IM monitoring.

StaffCop software is easy to install and use, but we also provide phone, email and IM support for all our customers and interested persons.

StaffCop 5.0 has been released with the following features:

  1. *Website and application blocking by using blacklists and whitelists. Blacklists allow you to prohibit access to exact websites or applications. Whitelists grant the access only to exact websites and applications - all the other websites and applications will be unavailable to use.

  2. *Encrypted network traffic monitoring allows you to monitor emails sent via encrypted SSL channels and also to monitor websites visited via HTTPS connection.

  3. *StaffCop folder access rights are optimized. Now it's easy to manage persons who will be able to access StaffCop files.

  4. *New registration mechanism implemented, making the installation and registration process easier.

  5. *Help-module has been updated with the activation error codes that a user may face.

"We have greatly expanded the functionality of the program, - Konstantyn Makarov, AtomPark Software CEO, commented the new release of the StaffCop. - We are always working on adding more features for our clients, and also on making the software more intuitive. During the development of the new StaffCop we gathered a data on what our clients and users really need and want to see in the new release."

StaffCop software also provides users with the search-term, social network, IM and chat monitoring opportunities. StaffCop easily tracks and monitors all the sent and received messages and chats, showing who is the sender and who is the receiver.