StaffCop Home 5.2 - Skype Monitoring and additional parental control

AtomPark Software proudly announces the new StaffCop Home 5.2 with a Skype chat monitoring and call logging features. In addition to main changes of IM Monitoring module, the stability of the StaffCop Home has been improved, Scheduling and Installation mechanisms has been also updated.

Skype is one of the most popular chatting and calling tools, so it was extremely important to add Skype monitoring feature to our monitoring and parental control software. StaffCop Home 5.2 provides parents with all the Skype correspondence and call logs. No voice is recorded.

Additional features added or improved:

  • Skype monitoring and logging added
  • Hot-keys to stop Agent added
  • Removal from "recently launched applications" added
  • Network exceptions of monitoring processes allowed
  • Ignoring WWW and HTTP:// in website blocking
  • Scheduler is updated with a feature of sending reports to different email addresses.
  • Scheduler is updated with a feature of a name check, no duplicate report names allowed.
  • Agent removal and uninstall mechanism improved.
  • Logging of the install process added.

  • Thunderbird monitoring
  • History cleaning
  • Google queries in Search Monitoring

New StaffCop Home 5.2 is available for evaluation, please†click here to download the free trial of StaffCop Home 5.2.