StaffCop Home Edition 4.1

StaffCop Home Edition 4.1 - Protecting Your Children from Negative Impact of Social Networks

AtomPark Software company announces the release of the new 4.1 version of StaffCop Home Edition, parental control software.
Software developers in AtomPark Software are not disregarding the problem of social networks’ negative impact on children, and the new version of parental control software StaffCop Home Edition includes few grand new features to improve social network monitoring:††† †

  • Backup copy of all files sent to social networks: photos, music, videos
  • Chat logging feature for Facebook and VK networks
  • Private message logging for Twitter network
  • Photo and video view logging
  • New social networks for monitoring: MySpace, LinkedIn, MoyKrug ††

New technical features are also available in new StaffCop Home Edition 4.1:

  • Screenshot quality setup: grey-scale image, image compression level setup
  • Search query monitoring for Wikipedia and popular Search Engines
  • Slideshow feature for viewing saved screenshots
  • Now itís possible to generate and save reports to network places.
„Nowadays Internet is the biggest source of all kind of information, which can teach children, or entertain,† - Evgeny Medvednikov, CEO of AtomPark Software, comments the release of the new StaffCop Home Edition. – Our parental control software shows how exactly children spend their time using the computer and especially the Internet. The main aspect of the new StaffCop Home Edition version is the social network monitoring module, which is very important for parents whose children are spending to much time browsing the Internet.”

Also StaffCop Home Edition parental control software includes such useful features as search query monitoring, email correspondence monitoring and instant messaging monitoring. Software allows to monitor all incoming and outgoing messages, so as attached files, showing whoís the recipient.†