StaffCop products

StaffCop Standard box. Corpoarte security, data loss prevention and monitoring software

StaffCop Standard – PC user activity monitoring

StaffCop Standard is corporate security software that allows you to monitor company computer activity and prevent unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.

Corporate information security has always been one of the top business priorities. There is a growing need for solutions that provide the functionality to both analyze employee activity during business hours and protect the company's confidential information.

StaffCop software allows you to effectively prevent, detect, respond, monitor and review measures to reduce perceived risks of corporate data loss. IT professionals who use StaffCop can adequately monitor company resources for data breaches or prevent these breaches from occurring.

Corpoarte security, data loss prevention and monitoring software

StaffCop Enterprise - information security for corporate sector

StaffCop Enterprise is completely new software solution developed for corporate sector. Our developers considered all requirements and wishes of our major clients while developing current solution.

We use most up-to-date technologies and programming languages to develop StaffCop Enterprise, enabling to easily scale it to any number of users and affiliates, as well as to custom develop its functionality for specific needs of our clients. Our product will be your irreplaceable assistant in employee monitoring, incidents investigation and data loss prevention.

StaffCop Home box. Parental control and user monitoring software

StaffCop Home Edition – parental control and monitoring software

StaffCop Home Edition helps parents to oversee and analyze their children's Internet-activity, along with tracking website visits, IM chats (ICQ, Skype, AIM), social network activity and search terms. You can see what your kids are looking at via screenshot records.

StaffCop Home Edition is based on StaffCop Standard; its main distinction is that StaffCop Home Edition is designed for home use and optimized to work best on the family PC. It includes all of the important monitoring and tracking features of StaffCop Standard.


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