StaffCop Standard

Employee monitoring and data loss prevention

StaffCop Standard monitors employees working on company workstations, creates detailed reports about actions of every employee, and secures local network from internal threats. Additionally the product monitors users of terminal servers.

Using aggregated information about employee actions on company workstations you can optimize employee schedules, improve staff efficiency, detect, investigate and eliminate data breaches. Data, aggregated by StaffCop software, can be used as evidence during incident investigation.

It takes only a few minutes to install StaffCop Standard. It’s interface is easy and user friendly. Any user is able to install and manage the product.

StaffCop Standard Features

Internet and Network

  • Intercepting messages sent via web messengers

  • Monitoring activities in social networks

  • Monitoring email exchange

  • Shadow copying of attached files

  • Monitoring web site sessions and search requests

  • Monitoring of encrypted network traffic

Local events

  • Screen capture

  • Monitoring processes and applications currently running on employee workstation

  • Logging system events

  • Monitoring documents sent to print

  • Keystrokes logging

File operations

  • Monitoring USB data storage devices

  • USB data storage device lockdown

  • Monitoring clipboard content

  • Monitoring files access

  • Shadow copying files from USB data storage devices

  • Monitoring Internet file transfer

Master of detailed reports

  • Monitoring employee work time

  • Graphic analysis of user activity

  • Report generation scheduler

  • Graphic reports

  • Sending reports to FTP and email

  • Data filtering and search by specified key word

System flexibility

  • Grouping system of monitoring agents

  • Enabling several administrator modules

  • Terminal server support

  • Monitoring and data aggregation settings

Additional features

  • Operating in inivisble mode

  • Remote installation/uninstallation of agent

  • Sending messages from administrator to user

  • Encrypting aggregated data

  • Agent protection against deactivation