Cases studies and testimonials about StaffCop, computers monitoring software

Case studies, testimonials and reviews about StaffCop

17.07.2008  Famous Spanish site BlogMundi has recommended StaffCop to his readers
BlogMundi is a very popular spanish blog about software and IT. They recently have installed and reviewed StaffCop.

09.07.2008  StaffCop reviewed at
...if I am the employee, of course I donít want this software on my PC. But if I am the employeer and looking for software that can monitor my employees behaviour, StaffCop is the software for me. It is so powerful and I am sure my employees will comitted to their works.

08.07.2008  StaffCop review at THA Slayer's blog: how employees spend work time
Tom from Transylvania installed StaffCop in his office and discovered how employees spend their work time.

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