File Activity Monitoring Software
Alert or prevent any upload to the cloud
Monitor files on a local drive or network shares
Implement removable storage policy
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File operations
StaffCop track all file operations with the ability to get a report based on a particular file operation type performed in a particular application. For example, we can gert a list of all files that were opened in MS Word or all files created in Notepad. This can be useful in case we have to monitor any sensitive data that is processed in a specific application.
Files sent/received by e-mail or messengers
With StaffCop you can get the list of files sent/received in instant messengers or by e-mail. Files can be downloaded for further investigation.
Files copied from/to USB drives
You can get reports on all the files that were copied from/to USB devices. You can download the file for further ivestigation if it was shadow-copied. Moreover, you can shadow-copy ALL the files on a connected USB drive, if this option is enabled.
Documents sent to print
StaffCop will show you what documents were sent to print. The info includes the name of the printers, a preview of the file and the copy of file itself (in case shadow-copying option was enabled). You can download the file for further investigation.
OCR (Text recognition in PDF and images)
StaffCop has OCR module for extracting text from images and PDF documents. It has 2 options: embedded OCR (English, Russian and Kazakh languages) and usage of existing ABBYY accounts. The file types in which text is recognized can be specified.
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